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Integrity Pest Control termite inspectors are involved in ongoing training programs to ensure our customers the quality of service they deserve. Call (541) 613-7311 today to schedule an inspection.

We offer the most advanced, effective, and efficient termite elimination procedures. Our termite team has a reputation to get the job done right.  We offer a wide variety termite control techniques and our reputation with termite work is indisputable.

The main termite problems we have in Southern Oregon are Subterranean Termites and Dampwood Termites. As their name suggests Dampwood termites live in damp wood and cannot survive without the moisture. Treatment involves solving the moisture problem and replacing the damaged wood.

Termite Frequently Asked Questions

paste1306 Dampwood Termite Workers in action. Normally you won't see them unless you break open the wood member they live in. They like to stay hidden. paste1308 Subterranean Termite swarmers. Usually seen in springtime after a rain and the sun comes out, when humidity is right. Their job is to fly out and start new colonies.
paste1307 Dampwood Termite Swarmer flies our during springtime/summer when humidity conditions are right to start a new colony somewhere else paste1309 Subterranean Termite sheter tubes attached to an interior wall.



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